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Phish - Phish, Grateful Dead
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Phish was formed in 1983 by guitarist/vocalist Trey Anastasio, drummer Jon Fishman, and guitarist Jeff Holdsworth.

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Bassist Mike Gordon and percussionist Marc Daubert joined the original line-up. In 1985 Page McConnell joined on keyboards and Holdsworth left. Phish recorded the cassette-only freeform Junta in 1988 and sold it at their concerts. Their second album, Lawn Boy, was released in 1990 on Rough Trade's Absolute A-Go-Go and featured more structured but still eclectic music. They signed to Elektra in 1992 and A Picture of Nectar drew critical comparisons to the Grateful Dead. Elektra also reissued Junta and Lawn Boy. 1993's Rift followed as Phish were becoming a very popular touring act with their shows and loyal fans also drawing comparisons to the Dead. Their next album, Hoist, was released in 1994. It reached the US Top 40, and "Down With Disease" became a minor rock hit. The 1995 double-live album A Live One reached the US Top 20. Phish's sixth album Billy Breathes reached US #7, and "Free" was a US #11 rock hit. Another live album, 1997's Slip, Stitch & Pass, also reached the US Top 20. 1998's Story of the Ghost was another US Top 10 album. The six-disc Hampton Comes Alive album went gold, an amazing feat for an expensive multi-disc package. 2000's Farmhouse reached US #12.

Even though they were one of the biggest touring bands in the US, Phish announced in 2000 that they were going on hiatus. Elektra released The Siket Disc, a collection of improvisations recorded during the Story of the Ghost sessions. Anastasio teamed up with Primus bassist Les Claypool and former Police drummer Stewart Copeland for Oysterhead. He also released a solo album in 2002. Jonathan Fishman continued his side band Pork Tornado and toured with the Jazz Mandolin Project. Page McConnell released recordings of his band Vida Blue. Mike Gordon and McConnell also appeared on Gov't Mule's The Deep End, Vol. 1. An extensive series of live Phish albums were released by Elektra in 2002. At the end of 2002, Phish returned to the road and released the new album, Round Room.
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