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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Style Baby! - Gina Gershon
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Gina Gershon
Who loves you baby!

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ask your questions for the f.a.q.!

  • How can I get an autograph?

    Gina is no longer associated with PMK, Inc. Her new agent will be posted here
    soon when I find out of it's alright with them. (yes, I know who it is!) - Liz

      Tips for autographs:
    • include a 9" x 12" self addressed, stamped envelope.
    • try not to make your letters any longer than a page.
    • think about what you are saying. celebrities keep a known "nut file." you
      don't want to be in that file when that person starts being harrassed! so for
      instance, telling Gina "I have built a shrine to you in my room and worship it
      every night" might not be such a great idea.
    • wait at least 3-4 months for a response, or longer. people get

  • When's her Birthday?
    Gina was born on June 10, 1962 in Los
    Angeles, CA.

  • Where does she live?
    Currently, Gina holds residence on both

  • Is she gay?
    Your guess is as good as mine! But although playing a
    lesbian very convincingly in Bound, she does have a boyfriend! Sorry
    ladies! BUT, she has been quoted as saying Jennifer Tilly was hot, and didn't
    mind doing a love scene with her, so there's still hope!!

  • Does she have an e-mail address?
    In searching href="">Four11, there were three addresses listed for
    Gina Gershon. However, it is very unlikely any of these are her!


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For more information on these and other films, go to the href="">Internet Movie Database!


1986Stark: Mirror Image (tv)Alison Cromwell

1986Pretty in PinkGirlfriend/Gym Class

19863:15 The Moment of TruthCobraette Girl

1987Sweet RevengeK.C.

1988Red HeatCat Manzeth


1989Suffering BastardsSharnetta

1990Voodoo DawnTina

1991Out for JusticePatti Madano

1991City of HopeLaura

1992Sinatra (tv)Nancy

1992The PlayerWhitney Gersh

1992Miss Rose White (tv)Angie

1992Joey BreakerJennie Chaser

1993Love Matters (tv)Heat


1995ShowgirlsCristal Conners

1995Best of the Best 3: No Turning BackMargo Preston


1997TouchDebra Lusanne

1997Lies and Whispers/Prague DuetDr. Lauren Graham

1997This World, Then the FireworksCarol Lakewood

1997Original Sin-

1997Face/OffSasha Hassler


1998Lulu on the BridgeHannah

1998href="">LegaleseAngela Beale

1998One Tough CopJoey O'Hara

1998Black & WhiteNora Hugosian


1999The InsiderHelen Caperelli

1999I'm Losing YouLidia

2001DrivenCathy Heguy

2002Picture ClaireLily

2002DemonloverElaine Si Gibril

2002BorderlineDr. Lila Colleti

2003Prey For Rock and RollJacki

TV Appearances

7/10/87The Twilight Zone: "Time and Teresa Golowitz"Laura

1988Monsters: "Jar"Ann

1992Melrose PlaceEllen/Callgirl/Waitress

4/30/97Ellen: "The Puppy Dog" Episodecheckout clerk

5/10/98Larry Sanders: "Just the Perfect Blendship"as herself

9/26/99SnoopsGlenn Hall

2/6/02The Jobas herself

5/20/00Saturday Night LiveWilma Slotsin

11/12/02Just Shoot Me--

1/2004Tripping the Riftvoice of Six
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