Kid Rock Rocking and Rolling
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Kid Rock Rocking and Rolling - Kid Rock
Kid Rock Rocking and Rolling  [1939 Page Views]
Best known as Kid Rock, is an American rapper...


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Robert James Ritchie (born January 17, 1971), best known as Kid Rock, is an American rapper, singer and rock musician most notable for his albums Devil Without a Cause and Cocky and his hit singles "Bawitdaba" and "Picture." His backup band is known as Twisted Brown Trucker. Together, they fuse rap, hard rock, southern rock, country and blues.

After Jive Records cut him loose in 1991 it would take a 8 year struggle for stardom (Kid Rock as stated 10 years, but Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast was on a major label). Kid Rock's brand of Lynyrd Skynyrd boogie rock meets Run DMC rhymes would finally make him a househould name in 1999. Devil Without A Cause's 3rd single "Bawitdaba" would help launch the "nu metal" explosion and be considered one of the greatest songs of all time, helping sky rocket Devil's sales to an staggering 11 million. When the nu metal field became watered down, Kid Rock bolted quickly shifting gears going into Southern Rock and Country music.

It would pay off as he would have a massive cross-over hit in 2003 with Sheryl Crow called "Picture", which even garnerd nominations from the CMA's. Kid Rock and Twisted Brown Trucker currently plan on releasing a currently untitled album sometime in September 2007. "Guilty" as been a confirmed track by DJ Paradime. A side project with Rev Run of Run DMC is also in the works.
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