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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Okole Maluna! Bottoms up!

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1 oz. Dark Rum
1 oz Light Rum
1 oz Orange Curacao
2 oz Orange Juice
1/2 oz Lime Juice
Dash Orgeat
Dash Simple syrup (bar syrup)

Combine all of the ingredients in the order listed in a Old Fashioned style glass over shaved ice. Stir with a swizzle stick. Garnish with a slice of pineapple and a cherry.

The Royal Hawaiian


1 1/2 ounces, Myers's Plantation Rum
1 ounce, Cuban Rum
3/4 ounce, fresh lime juice
1 ounce, fresh grapefruit juice
1/4 ounce, Falernum*
1/2 ounce, Cointreau (orange liqueur)
2 dashes, Angostura bitters
1 dash, Pernod (licorice-flavored liqueur)
1 cup cracked ice

Garnish with one slice, squeezed lime, one pineapple spear one mint sprig.

*Falernum is a lime/ginger based syrup and can
be found in some large liquor stores.

Pour all the liquids into a cocktail shaker. Fill it with ice and shake for about 30 seconds. Pour it all (including ice) into a 16-ounce double old-fashioned glass. Garnish with lime slice, pineapple spear, and mint sprig.

"Enjoy life and spend every penny I make." ~ Don the Beachcomber

The drink has gone through several changes through the years.


2 ounces 17-year-old J. Wray Nephew Jamaican rum
1/2 ounce French Garnier Orgeat
1/2 ounce Holland DeKuyper Orange Curacao
1/4 ounce Rock Candy Syrup

Juice from one fresh lime Hand shake and garnish with half of the lime shell inside the drink and float a sprig of fresh mint at the edge of the glass.


1 ounce 15-year old J. Wray Nephew Jamaican Rum
1 ounce Coruba or Red Heart Jamaican Rum
1/2 ounce Trader Vic Formula Orgeat
1/2 ounce Holland DeKuyper Orange Curacao
1/4 ounce Rock Candy Syrup

Juice from one fresh lime. Mix and serve as in the original formula.


1 ounce Trader Vic's Jamaican Rum (15- or 8-year old)
1 ounce Martinique Rum (St. James or Trader Vic's)
1 ounce pre-mixed Curacao, Orgeat and Rock Candy Syrup
juice from one fresh lime

Mix and serve as in the original formula.


2 ounces fine dark rum
4 ounces Trader Vic's Mai Tai Mix
juice of one fresh lime


1 ounce Jamaican Rum (15 or 8-year old)
1 ounce Martinique Rum (St. James or Trader Vic's)
1/2 ounce Orange curacao
1/4 ounce Orgeat
1/4 ounce Rock Candy Syrup
juice from one fresh lime

“Anybody who says I didn’t create this drink is a dirty rotten stinker.” ~ Trader Vic





An understanding of what exactly a hangover is may help you beat your next time you tie one on.

Hangovers are a combination of these factors:

DEHYDRATION - Alcohol is a diuretic and leaches water from your body.

SHOCK - You've overdosed on booze. Although not lethal, it knock's your system completely out of whack.

MALNUTRITION - All that alcohol has caused you to flush many of the vitamins and nutrients stored in your body.


1. Drink moderately. It's a good idea to stick
to one drink. When you switch from drink to drink, it takes the body longer to absorb each different liquor and adds new toxins into the body which can make a hangover even worse.

2. Drink lots of water while drinking. This will help to rehydrate your body. A good rule of thumb is to drink a glass of water after each alchoholic drink. Not only will this help you stay hydrated, it will also dilute the toxins in the alcohol which can result in
an irritated stomach.

3. Taking aspirin before going to sleep after drinking, be careful with Tylenol as it is reported to cause liver damage when taken with alcohol.

4. Rest

5. Eat something that will help to replace the nutrients you've lost.


There are a lot of hangover cures and remedies. Some actually help to allieviate the symtoms of a hangover and some are not even worth trying. Below are some of the most popular cures and remedies for hangovers.

These remedies are not guaranteed to work and are not based on any scientific data or medical evidence. They have helped a lot of lushes avoid and reduce the effects of hangovers. Still, use them at your own risk!


3 Lecthin capsules
3 Super B Complex capsules
3 Asprin
1 Bottle of water

Down these before going to sleep after a night of drinking.


Energy Sports Drink. It can be a good remedy for a few different reasons. One is that the sugar contained in them helps the body get rid of toxins left by the alcohol a lot quicker. Another reasons is it is supposed to replace all the salts, sugars, vitamins and electrolytes lost to the alcohol consumption. One variation on the energy sports drink theme is a 50:50 mix of your favorite juice and the energy drink of your choice.


Invented during the Roaring 20's, is still touted as the ideal morning after pick-me-up.


Take a Hair of the Dog that Bit You. After a debauch, take a little wine the next day. Take a cool draught of ale in the morning after a night’s excess. The advise was given literally in ancient times. “If a dog bites you, put a hair of the dog into the wound,” on the homeopathic principle of “Simila Similibus Curantur” (like cures like).


Another evil-sounding but reputedly effective concoction popularly believed to relieve the symptoms of a hangover. Consists of equal parts champagne and flat Guinness.


There are several different brands of these pills that are often marketed as "chasers". Most of the pills call for 1 or 2 pills being consumed at the start of alcohol consumption and more pills being taken every so often as long as the alcohol is being drank. Lots of people swear by these pills and claim that since they began taking them, they haven't suffered one hangover symptom. They can be purchased at drugstores, convenient stores, and vitamin stores.


It has been shown that eating eggs the morning after driking can cure a hangover or at least lessen the symptoms. A substance found in eggs called cysyine apparently breaks down toxins left in the body from an alcohol binge.


Eating foods that contain high levels of potassium like bananas can help reduce the symptoms of a hangover. The potassium replenishes vitamins and electrolytes as well as re-stocks the potassium levels in the body.


At the first sign of stomach irritation, Pepto Bismo and antiacids such as Tums can lessen the effects.


For some people taking a hot shower allows them to "sweat out" the toxin. Showers can also help relieve headaches.


The use of ice packs is usually doen in conjunction with other remedies. The coldness of an ice pack helps to reduce the pain felt from the headache.


Mexican soup (boiled tripe). This fatty high-calorie soup is a popular homespun hangover cure.

After a night of drinking, a group of use went out for some Menudo the next morning. A friend who had never tried menudo was pretty apprehensive about the prospect of eating boiled tripe, which is the stomach lining of the cow. He wouldn't touch it exclaiming, "No way man, how can my stomach tell the difference between the cow's stomach and mine?!"

And of course, the best cure of them all is Don't Drink at All. Of course, you wouldn't be reading this if that's your drinking style. But let's face it, that's not gonna happen.


Toasts of the World

Albanian : Gezuar.
Arabian : Bismillah. Fi schettak.
Armenian : Genatzt.
Austrian : Prosit.
Belgian : Op uw gezonheid.
Brazilian : Saude. Viva. Felicidades.
Una pro santo!
Chinese : Nien Nien nu e. Kong Chien.
Kan bei. Yum sen. Wen ule.
Czech : Na Zdravi. Nazdar.
Danish : Skal
Dutch : Proost. Geluk.
Egyptian : Fee sihetak.
Esperanto : Je zia sano.
Estonian : Tervist.
Finnish : Kippis. Maljanne.
French : A votre sante. Sante.
German : Prost. Zum Wohl.
Greek : Eis Igian.
Greenlandic: Kasugta.
Hawaiian : Okole maluna. Hauoul maoul oe.
Meul kaulkama.
Hebrew : L'chaim.
Hungarian : Kedves egeszsegere.
Icelandic : Santanka nu.
India : Apki Lambi Umar Ke Liye.
Irish : Slááinte.
Italian : A la salute. Salute. Cin cin.
Japanese : Kampai. Banzai.
Korean : Kong gang ul wi ha yo.
Lithuanian : I sveikas.
Malayan : Slamat minum.
Mexican : Salud.
Moroccan : Saha wa'afiab.
New Zealander : Kia ora.
Norwegian : Skal.
Pakistani : Sanda bashi.
Philippine : Mabuhay.
Poilsh : Na zdrowie. Vivat.
Portuguese : A sua saude.
Romanian : Noroc. Pentru sanatatea dunneavoastra.
Russian : Na zdorovia.
Spanish : Salud. Salud, amor y pesetas y el iempo
para gustarlos! Salud, pesetas y un par de
Swedish : Skal.
Thai : Sawasdi.
Turkish : Serefe.
Ukrainian : Boovatje zdorovi.
Welsh : Iechyd da.
Yugoslavian: Zivio.
Zulu : Oogy wawa.


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Creative rum drinks from the South Pacific are an important facet of the Tiki bar. The secrecy surrounding drink recipes and ingredients in the early Tiki bar days sky-rocketed into heights of paranoia, including the removal of labels from the drink bottles.

The two major players in the tiki culture are Victor Jules Bergeron, Jr. aka Trader Vic and Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt.


Victor Jules Bergeron, Jr. was the founder of a chain of Polynesian-themed restaurants that bore his nickname, Trader Vic. He attended Herald College in San Francisco, California. Starting with $500 in 1932, Bergeron opened a small bar/restaurant across from his parent's grocery store in Oakland, California named Hinky Dink's.

As its popularity spread, the menu and decor developed an increasingly tropical flair; Hinky Dink's soon became Trader Vic's.

During the Tiki culture fad of the '50s and '60s, as many as 25 Trader Vic's restaurants were in operation around the world, all featuring the popular mix of
Polynesian artifacts, unique cocktails, and exotic cuisine. While many of the original locations have since closed, 29 exist around the globe today. The most
recent closing was the Trader Vic’s in Beverly Hills.

There has been an ongoing feud over who first created the world-famous Mai Tai. The Mai Tai was purportedly invented at the Trader Vic’s restaurant in Oakland, California in 1944.

However, Trader Vic’s amicable rival, Don the Beachcomber, also claimed to have created it first in 1933 at his own newly opened little bar, later a famous
restaurant, in Hollywood. The Beachcomber's recipe is far more complicated than that of the Trader's and tastes quite different.

Additionally, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel also claims to have created the world-famous Mai Tai.

"Maita'i" is the Tahitian word for “good”. The spelling of the drink, however, is two words: Mai Tai.


The most famous exotic tropical rhum drink ever created was the Mai Tai. Two people who claimed to have invented the Mai Tai. Trader Vic and his amicable
competitor for many years, Don the Beachcomber.

The Trader Vic story of its invention is that the Trader Vic created it one afternoon for some friends who were visiting from Tahiti. One of them tasted it and cried out “Maitai’i roa!” (Literally “very good!”, figuratively “Out of this World!”), hence the name.

You will often see it listed on drink menus as a Trader Vic creation.

Another popular version favoring Donn Beach is that during a dinner conversation with syndicated Columnist Jim Bishop and Donn Beach, Vic Bergeron finally admitted the truth about the Mai Tai, and in a letter to Don Chapman of the Honolulu Advertiser, Jim Bishop wrote:

“In probably 1970 or Don and I were with Vic at Vic’s in San Francisco. In the “Friend-foe” relationship Don and Vic had, Vic said in effect that night, “Blankety
blank, Don, I wish you’d never come up with the blankety blank thing. It’s caused me a lot of arguing with people.” Then Vic looked at me and said, “Jim, this
blankety....blank did do it. I didn’t.”

Some believe that this question was settled once and for ever as to who created the Mai Tai.

So, you can be the judge. If you see Trader Vic listed as the originator of the Mai Tai on a drink menu, you may want to reflect on Jim Bishop’s letter and Vic
Bergeron’s own words, then ponder another original, “Don the Beachcomber,” who in 1933 following the repeal of prohibition opened Beachcomber’s Bar in Hollywood, and along with several other original exotic tropical rhum drinks.

Or it could be neither, as the Mai Tai has been purported to have been originally created in a tiny McCadden Street bar in 1933.

Trader Vic


Born and raised in creole country in Louisiana, he learned how to cook when he stood on a stool and stirred the food in his mother’’s pots. Before long, he was living in Port Antonio, Jamaica. This is where he first experience and developed a love affair with Jamaican rhum, a product he always referred to as “The Nectar of the Gods.” After his family moved to Texas where his father drilled seven dry oil wells before hitting it big, Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt joined his mother in her kitchen cooking up grub for the wild-catters.

When he saved enough money, instead of continuing his education, the young Gantt set off on a two-year around-the-world adventure and received what he always considered an education unequaled by anything any college or university could have offered.

In December of 1932, when he arrived in Los Angeles penniless, he took the only job available at the time. Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt became a bootlegger. When prohibition ended not long after, a wiser, but still untested young man consummated a deal with nothing more than a handshake. He then built himself a bar in a thirteen by thirty foot space connected to the McCadden Hotel. A few days after opening, a distinguished looking gentleman dropped in and ordered a Sumatra Kula from the list of drinks hanging behind the bar. Upon finishing the drink, he said it was the first really good drink he’d had for a donkey’s year, and ordered another one. After the third one he introduced himself as Neil Vanderbilt, a roving reporter for the New York Tribune, and he promised to bring his friends to sample these new rhum drinks. A few days later, Mr. Vanderbilt arrived with Charlie Chaplin and three others. Asked to suggest
the best drinks, Mr. Gantt served up five of his newly created rhum concoctions. Three rounds later all of them departed in a happy state.

Thus was started the long career of Don The Beachcomber, the originator of Polynesian style restaurants, and the creator of over seventy-five original exotic tropical rhum drinks. The list includes the Zombie, Missionary’’s Downfall, Cobra’s Fang, Vicious Virgin, Scorpion, Test Pilot, Three Dots and a Dash, the 151 Degree Swizzle, and many more. As his reputation grew among Hollywood’s elite, his life took on an aura of its own. Before long, because of his bootlegging background, his customers were calling him Don, so he changed his name to Donn. Next, he moved to a new, larger location just across the street from the first Beachcomber’s Bar. The name was changed, and Don the Beachcomber was born.

Success and popularity quickly followed as did demand for what he had to offer, and before long another Don the Beachcomber Bar and Restaurant was opened in Chicago. Following a tour of duty with the 12th and 15th Air Forces in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations during World War II, Don Beachcomber returned to the place he love the most, Hawaii. Settling in Waikiki, he opened yet another Don the Beachcomber Bar and Restaurant. But this time he built a complex of several large thatched huts on the property where Liberty House now sits along Kalakaua Avenue next to the International Marketplace.


This drink was enjoyed with great acceptance in California and in Seattle. This is when Trader Vic's Restaurnt/Bar opened in 1948.

In 1953 the Mai Tai was brought to the Hawaiian Islands, by Trader Vic when he was asked by the Matson Steamship Lines to formalize drinks for the bars at their Royal Hawaiian, Moana and Surfrider Hotels. The popularity of the drink spread rapidly throughout the islands.

In 1954 Trader Vic further introduced the Mai Tai when we included it among other new drinks in bar service for the American President Lines. It is estimated that several thousand Mai Tais are served daily in Honolulu alone, and we sell many more than that daily in our eighteen Trader Vic's restaurants throughout the world.


The rum which motivated the creation of the Mai Tai was a fine, golden, medium-bodied Jamaican from Kingston. Trader Vic added fresh lime juice, flavored and
sweetened it with Orange Curacao from Holland and French Orgeat with its subtle flavor of almond. The drink chilled nicely with a considerable amount of shaved ice so a large 15-ounce glass was selected to compliment the cooling and generous quality of the Mai Tai.

The success of the Mai Tai and its acceptance soon caused the 17-year-old rum to become unavailable, so it was substituted with the same fine rum with 15 years aging which maintained the outstanding quality.


During the early 1950's Trader Vic took the Mai Tai to Honolulu while creating drinks for the Matson Line Hotels. Pineapple juice was added to the cocktail. In most traditional Mai Tai recipes, the only juice in the cocktail is the juice of one line. He introduced ten exotic drinks in the Royal Hawaiian's bar. The Mai Tai caught on and within 30 days everyone had forgotten the other nine. The supply of 15-year-old rum was becoming less than dependable so several other Caribbean products were tested for the same high qualities of flavor. Red Heart and Coruba were selected to be used in equal quantities along with the original 15-year-old to stretch the supply and maintain
the character of the Mai Tai.

A few years earlier the supply of quality French Orgeat had also become uncertain so Henry Smith, who produced vitamins for the Galen Company in Oakland, collaborated with Trader Vic to produce and bottle his own Orgeat.

The mid 1950's signaled the end of a dependable supply of the 15-year-old J. Wray Nephew Rum. This fact as well as problems with consistent quality in the other Jamaican London Dock Rums caused Trader Vic to make private arrangements, in the interest of high quality, to blend and bottle a Jamaican rum under his own label and control. Consistent quality was maintained in both a 15-and 8-year aging. This rum, though excellent, didn't exactly match the end flavor of the original 17-year old product. This desired nutty and snappy flavor was added by the use of a Martinique rum. During this period Trader Vic had also changed the original Orange Curacao to one produced by Bols which was more to his liking. The popularity of the Mai Tai demanded that production on the bars be streamlined. Each individual bar was instructed to pre-mix the Curacao, Orgeat and Rock Candy Syrup in appropriate amounts.

By the early 1960's there were several Trader Vic's restaurants. The Mai Tai had developed into one of the most known and ordered drinks throughout the world
and many people expressed interest in being able to make the Mai Tai at home.

Trader's son, Victor J. (Joe) Bergeron III, was developing a constantly expanding variety of items from the Food Products Company. With this dynamic facility and the increasing market Trader Vic decided to produce and bottle a total Mai Tai rum and also a Mai Tai flavoring mix under the Trader Vic label. This was to be for restaurant use and also for retail sale. This rum was made to recapture the characteristics of the original 17-year-old rum. First he skillfully blended Jamaican rums and then added Martinique rum for its elusive and wonderful nut-like flavor and a bit of light Virgin Island rum for the smoothness of body. This combination became the Trader Vic Mai Tai rum as we know it today. The public palate had become more sophisticated and it became necessary to adjust the sweetness of the Mai Tai by lessening the amount of Mai Tai Mix and adding a touch more lime juice.

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5/23/2007 5:58:06 AM

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I love this page...the drinks look yummy. I love Raspberry Mai Tai's...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

♥Mellissa Kay♥

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5/23/2007 1:37:19 AM

Ok with this page and Mark's Coca Cola Page I am getting really thirsty!!:)hehehe All your pages are very interesting,Great Job!!:)Have a Wonderful Hump Day!:)