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BUCKCHERRY - Buckcherry, Josh Todd
BUCKCHERRY  [5735 Page Views]
Buckcherry was formed after Josh Todd met guitarist Keith Nelson through their tattoo artist after discovering a common love of AC/DC.


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On September 11, 2006, A lawsuit has been filed against the band, their current record label and other related companies on behalf of a 16 year old girl who claims she was coerced into appearing topless and in various sexual scenarios for the video shoot. According to sources, however, all participants in the video had to show proof that they were over 18 years old and sign a release form further reaffirming their age. Band attorney Skip Miller is quoted in several news stories as stating "This woman filled out a release form with false information. And once it was determined this woman was underage, the video was removed."

Band Members

Buckcherry Members
Josh Todd- Vocals (1995- )
Keith Nelson- Guitar (1995- )
Stevie D.-Guitar (2005- )
Xavier Muriel- Drums (2005- )
Jimmy Ashhurst- Bass (2005- )

Former Members

Jonathan Brightman - Bass (1995-2002)
Devon Glenn - Drums (1995-2002)
Yogi - Guitar (2000-2002)


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The duo made a few demos before being joined by bassist Jonathan Brightman and drummer Devon Glenn. Buckcherry began performing the Hollywood club scene, receiving a strong, local following due to their old school Rock N' Roll vibe. They got their name from an outrageous transvestite, Buck Cherry, who would bum cigarettes from Keith Nelson after gigs in Hollywood. They were signed to DreamWorks Records shortly after. The band released its self titled debut in 1999 to critical praise and certified gold sales. The album, produced by Terry Date (Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Pantera, ex-Sex Pistols Steve Jones),included three modern rock chart hits in Lit Up, Check Your Head, and For The Movies.

After adding second guitarist Yogi to the lineup, Buckcherry toured non-stop in support of the debut album before going back into the studio in 2000 to work on a follow-up, 2001's Time Bomb. The sophomore effort was considered a disappointment by many critics, and it didn't fare as well on the charts. The All Music Guide noted that "For a second record, it's surprising how jaded and nihilistic they are already."

Buckcherry performed opening dates for heroes AC/DC in the spring and received increased fanfare. Shortly after, it was posted on Buckcherry's website that Brightman was no longer a part of Buckcherry, although no further details were given. Yogi and Glenn also departed the band in the following months. However, Todd and Nelson planned to continue Buckcherry, and even began the writing process for the third album. It was during those sessions that Josh Todd unexpectedly left the band in July 2002, seemingly leading to Buckcherry's demise.

Josh Todd and Keith Nelson did perform together along with ex-Guns N' Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum (also of The Cult) at the Randy Castillo tribute concert. Speculation ensued that Todd would become the lead singer of the "Project" headed up by Slash, McKagan, and Sorum. Todd spent a month in the studio, reportedly completing 10 songs, but was abruptly dropped from the project by Slash. Todd was quoted as saying, "It was amazing, the band was slamming, and then Slash just came in one day and just shitcanned the whole thing." Scott Weiland of the Stone Temple Pilots was eventually chosen to helm the band that would become known asVelvet Revolver. Nelson was given a songwriting credit on Velvet Revolver's track "Dirty Little Thing."

Todd then created a partnership and company with Todd Meagher (TODD Entertainment, LLC), and released the album You Made Me. In 2004 Todd filed a lawsuit to release himself from exclusive recording, other agreements and to obtain the exclusive use of the Buckcherry name. Both Meagher and the company counter-sued. The litigation is still pending.

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