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Kirk & Spock together again? Well, at least in TV commercials for Priceline.com. Leonard Nimoy (Spock) is joining William Shatner (Kirk) in new commercials for Priceline.com, the name-your-own-price internet site partially owned by Shatner. The commercials will highlight Priceline's changes including adding a new service that allows customers to choose from a selection of published fares, flight times and airlines. Under the old method, customers could name their own price and travel dates, but Priceline chose the airline and flight times. The new commercial tries to illustrate the new choice by jolting Shatner with the appearance of Nimoy as an alternative and playing off of the old fan debate of which character was most important to the Original Star Trek series.

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"But I'm the voice of Priceline," Shatner says.

Shatner is told there is a new Priceline in which travelers can select their flights, times and airlines from a selection of fares.

"Yeah, but who could ever replace me?" Shatner asks.

Nimoy pokes his head in the office. "Hi guys," he says, as Shatner looks perplexed.

Enterprise wraps on Hatchery We get a look at the Xindi-insectoid ship and how they breed their young in Hatchery, the 17th episode of the season.

The script was written by Andre Bormanis and Mike Sussman and directed by Michael Grossman (who has also helmed Buffy, Angel & Firefly).

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Set to air February 25, the episode focuses on the Enterprise discovering a small, barren planet with a Xindi-insectoid ship crashed. The crew of Enterprise discovered several dozen Xindi eggs on board trying to hatch, but with their bio-support failing, Archer has to decide whether to let them die or help them survive.

Star Trek prop designer passes away Wah Ming Chang, an Oscar-winning animator and creator of many of Star Trek's original series props and creatures, died December 22 at the age of 86.

Chang designed the prosthetic heads for the Talosians in The Cage, the false Balok, and the M-113 salt vampire. He also created many of Trek's most recognizeable props - including the communicators and Dr. McCoy's medical kit.

His non Trek credits included costumes for The King & I and Can-Can plus the elaborate headdress for Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatria. He won an Academy Award for his work on the 1960 version of The Time Machine.

Enterprise pending cancellation? Short season? Several recent rumors have surfaced concerning Enterprise including the possibility of it being cancelled by next season. Another has 2 episodes of the series cut from this season ending the show with 24 episodes instead of the planned 26.

Finally, there is the rumor of UPN moving it to Fridays in an attempt to get better ratings (!) even though Friday nights are generally considered "death slots" for any TV show relying on a teen or younger audience. While this season is being better received by most fans, the ratings are not increasing, which may make Enterprise the first Star Trek spin off series not to run for 7 years. 12/11/03

Star Trek loses it's own Star Trek has lost three of it's family:

Actress Kellie Waymire, who played Ensign Cutler in several first season episodes of Enterprise, passed away on November 13. The cause of death is unconfirmed, but it would appear she died of natural causes. Kellie had also played Layne in the Star Trek: Voyager episode, "Muse". The official Star Trek website has a tribute to her here.

Actor Kay E. Kuter passed away on November 12 of pulmonary complications. The 78 year old actor was probably best known as "Newt Kiley" on Green Acres, though also appeared in two Trek episodes: Deep Space Nine's "The Storyteller" and The Next Generation's "The Nth Degree".

Writer Margaret Armen wrote several original series episodes including "The Gamesters of Triskelion" and "The Paradise Syndrome" as well as "The Lorelai Signal" and "The Ambergris Element" for the animated series. She also wrote for a number of other series including The Big Vallye, The Riffleman, Barnaby Jones and Land of the Lost. The 82 year old writer died November 10 of heart failure.
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