Hawaii Five O
Thursday, April 25, 2019
Hawaii Five O - hawaii five o, oahu, honolulu, maui, kaui, book em
Hawaii Five O  [3530 Page Views]
When a guy cant get his Wahine to put
Hala Kahiki all over his 'I'o pipi i wili 'ia,
he's gotta go somewhere else.

I TOLD you...I'm a people person!
Whats WRONG with you people!!??

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2 Hawaii Five-O "Next Week's" Promos - 1976/78

The number "50" is a reference to the fact that Hawaii is the 50th state. So all these rappers that you hear talking about getting chased by the "Five O" must be smoking too much "Paka lolo" to realise that "Five O" doesn't mean "the cops".

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Hawaii Five-O Tv Show 11th Season Intro

Hawaii Five-O Tv Show 1st Season Intro

The Ventures - Hawaii Five-O (1964)

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Hawaii Five O

Hawaii Five-O Car Chase

Tsunami Surfing

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