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Monday, December 17, 2018
Baby its me! -
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Gina Gershon
Who loves you baby!

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Naked Angels

src="" align=left> The Naked
are an off-broadway Theatre Group that Gina co-founded. They are
non-profit, and perform some of the most cutting edge theatre! They were named
after a book about the Beat Generation, and formed in 1986 when a bunch of
actors gathered to complain about the roles (or lack there of) that they were
getting. They have a commitment to "risque" projects...and write their own works
to offer the roles that an actor could only dream of! But you won't see any big
advertisements for them, as they feel that the spotlight clouds what the purpose
of the Theatre is, so while in New York, definitely look them up and go see a

"Several members of the 20 strong cast do multiple duty, none with
more dexterity than Gina Gershon."
-Varitey June 1994

A 1992 group photo with almost all
members! (see if you can find Gina!)

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size=2>Gina is one of the most poigniant, honest, and sincere actresses. The
following quotes will show why! All were gathered from various

  • "Jennifer's nice. She had lipstick that wasn't too messy."

  • "I end up getting the girl at the end. I've never gotten the girl before.
    It's kinda nice."

  • "Dont put mascara on while driving. Especially while going around a blind

  • "I have one rule as an actress. Fuck the rules."

  • ...on the filming of love scenes in Bound
    "I felt like I was having sex with about 20 people."

  • "I have a very sensitive stomach. I eat a lot of tums!"

  • "After the first time I see myself in any movie I've just done, I usually
    think about other careers I could pursue."

  • "I went into a chat room once. I had a strange sexual encounter in a
    "private room" with some guy from Ohio. He was probably 12. I hope I don't get

  • "The world is my pet."

  • "The idea of going to girls' school was just doomsday. And Beverly (Hills)
    had surfing class, two theatres and really good donuts."

  • "After Bound, they'll think I'm really butch--and a really good
    plumber. I'll have people calling me up to fix their pipes."

  • "With these large dark eyebrows I've got, people are always going to think
    I'm a bitch. That's how it goes."

  • about the nudity in Showgirls "I didn't
    expect to be dancing in a muumuu, but the first time I watched the film, I said
    'Oh My God! I don't have any clothes on!' It's like my evil shadow stepped out
    and wreaked havoc all over the screen!"

  • "I could be Meryl Streep of the Mediterranean world!"

  • "When I moved to New York, I re-invented myself from a Valley surfer chick
    to an East Coast snob. My accent and my whole look changed. Now I'd rather stay
    in and read books than go out and sun myself."
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